Blogashopper is an innovative concept envisioned by our creative head and founder, Natasha Vaswani. Natasha's Indo-Spanish roots reflect on her ideas and execution of her various projects. After unfolding her various dimensions in fashion design, styling and then blogging, Natasha wanted to take it to another level. Most bloggers focus on fashion, styling, food, and travelling, among the hundreds of diverse categories but Blogashopper is slightly different. She believes that true creativity has no language and no boundaries. Nowadays, everything is too filtered that is compromising our quality of life, hence there are various approaches to living a healthier life. It is great that healthier approaches are now in the market, such as veganism and wellness therapies, of which Natasha directs the later as a wellness coach and therapist on www.unfilteringourselves.com but creates further awareness for the lay-man on this platform. Blogashopper is where Natasha blogs and you shop so why not add some healthier options to our lives? You can check out gluten-free cafes/restaurants around the world, Vegan fashion and beauty to limit the amount of chemicals your skin is exposed to, and emotional well-being ALL on Blogashopper!

Natasha Lalwani

Founder & CEO

Kamni Vaswani

Creative Head

Rubina Shaikh

Manager & Accountant