Fashion and style are very close to my heart as I am not only a blogger, but also a fashion designer and stylist. In fact my journey as a designer started 10 years ago with a fashion degree, training under reputed designers and opening my designer label store. While handling clients preferences and giving them professional advice I have realized that everybody follows the top fashion trends without understanding what suits them,; hence I give professional advice and conduct Fashion Styling workshops so that women can know what to wear according to their body type and while travelling.




From fun printed blends to futuristic themes, we get to witness everything in the Spring/Summer 2019 runway shows. Some of our favorites are Chanel's classic white shirt with black trousers and Paco Rabbane's 3D outfit


If you are only of those people who loves to multi-use their accessories, you will love this season's jewelry. We have loads to work around with chains, sea shells, disco hoops, ear cuffs, and loads more!


How cool is this! Snap clap purses and handbags are really admired this Spring. There is a lot of construction developed as design details and visible in amazing box bags, matching bags with outfits, tinfoil handbags, etc.


From tie-up strings with shell finishing, to translucent with contrast seams, feathers on flat sandals, and geometric-shaped heels, Spring Summer 2019's footwear is simply breath-taking! 


One trend that always has innovative designs and textures is nail art. From black and white prints to glittered textures you will simply get fascinated with these looks!


Excepting the classic sleek and curly or wave looks, bandannas, knotted modifications, floral hairstyles, the classic bows, and headbands in all sorts of 3D shapes make us want for more! 


We can never get tired of the shimmery cheekbones and intense kohl eyes. Including, all spring-summer vivid shades of pink, yellow hues as eye shadow strokes creates further excitement for us makeup lovers!

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