• Natasha Vaswani


These past few weeks we have discussed the benefits of attending to one’s #health through the practice of #Acupuncture. But wouldn’t you wish to have some sort of reminders to keep on motivating you while your health problems are being attended to? Also you could take it a notch higher by celebrating this healing process with today’s Do-It-Yourself activity. I will share a fun #DIY activity with you which is an excellent source of motivation and can be applied at any stage of your life.

First of all, you need to make a list of all your #ailments and another wish list stating the wishes you will complete once each ailment is cured; you can use the lists shown here as an example. As you can see there is no connection between these health issues listed and the wish list just to simplify the matter for you. On the contrary, you will be pressurized to complete the wish as soon as its health issue is taken care of. The true meaning behind this activity is to enjoy the journey of #recovery through Acupuncture and celebrate it by materializing each #wish you write down. 

The first thing that will pop into you #mind is that you cannot complete your wishes as some of them may  seem  unattainable. Nonetheless that is just what your mind wants you to #believe and you can convince your mind that not all wishes are impossible to attain. I do encourage you to choose some wishes that are outside your #comfort zone as those will be more fun and memorable once achieved. The list that I have made is just an example to show you and I would suggest you to follow your #heart and ask yourself which wishes you would like to complete.

Secondly, you #write down each wish on a tiny note which you can hang on something. This should be easily accessible as you will require it for #reminders. After that, please find a particular space in your room where you most feel comfortable in. Then what you do is to accessorize it with things you like such as butterfly clip-ons, flower cut-outs, shimmer frames, pictures, #angels, etc. In my case, I am fond of a wall in front of my working desk where I have written an #affirmation, “Your Thoughts Become Your Reality,” and stuck butterfly stickers next to it. 

Once you are done decorating that area you need to find something tall you can hang your wish #notes on. In this case I picked up two #fairies that were placed in the showcase of my hall. Given my #spiritual inclination, I feel it is always better to hang my wishes on objects that have a high vibration. So I hung these wishes with red ribbons and placed the ailments list next to it. You will definitely get healed of your ailments and as you do please check mark one by one each ailment and simultaneously pick up a wish and complete it. You do not need to worry if a particular wish of yours cannot be completed at that given time due to work or family commitments. You can always choose another wish but I would highly recommend that you complete all of your wishes by the time all of your ailments are cured. Once the moment is gone this activity loses its #essence and true purpose. Making wishes and completing them isn’t impossible and neither is finding a cure for your ailments. We are simply constrained by what we hear others telling us of their limited beliefs. So NOW is the moment to stop being the assistant of your life and start being its boss! Only you are the boss of your #life and only you can cure yourself and accomplish your wishes!