• Natasha Vaswani


This title seems a bit off the track which is why you are reading 

this blog to figure out what exactly is #accessorizing our #emotions. Often we come across people who remind us of what we were or what we would like to be. Keeping our #selfcriticism aside, all of us have that one mentor or one idol that we look up to wishing to experience their life, not knowing that person’s journey. Our #experiences make us who we finally become as they are formed by our thought patterns. Do we #believe that we are perfect? Of course not, and it is absolutely fine not to be perfect as perfection does not exist. We were born in this body and to these parents and have this education and all these experiences behind and ahead of us; hence coming to terms with all of it and accepting it is the first step. Our emotions depict these thousands of thought patterns that run through our minds on a daily basis.

So how can we accessorize them? In other words, how can we groom them or give them that finesse? It is simpler when we break it down to understand each emotion we have. Thoughts can be controlled but practically speaking if we were to control each one of our thoughts we would go crazy. And we do not want to make our bodies feel as if they are monitored or #manipulated by our thoughts. So the best way is to recognize the reason behind each and every emotion we feel. Emotions include #happiness, #sadness, #depression, #anxiety, #anger, #fear, #resentment, #disgust, #surprise, #trust, #anticipation, #shame, #envy and #love. And as we know, love is the most powerful emotion which breaks all the barriers in the world.

So when we first feel an emotion we need to analyze which emotion it is, accordingly we can handle it. For instance, if it is an emotion of envy, we do realize that it is of a low-energy hence it will make us feel bad; whereas an emotion of #joy will automatically uplift our energies. Low-energy emotions should be forgotten however difficult they may be as deep inside all we want is to be happy. And if the feeling persists, then we have to convert these low-energy emotions into high-energy ones. How we can do that is by accessorizing them by changing their #frequency or thought. We humans are unlimited energies of #power hence we can convert any low-energy into a higher one. For example, if you feel resentment towards someone you need to ask yourself just two questions: why do you feel resentment towards that person? And is the cause behind the resentment triggered by his/her actions or by yours? Basically what I have learnt from my experiences is that many a times we have this frustration towards another person but not because that person has done something wrong to us but because he/she has not stood up to our expectations. So we are actually disappointing ourselves but #blaming that individual as soon as we set the #expectations for him/her to behave in a certain manner.

Most of the times, whenever I have felt resentment towards anyone it has been for this very reason. And I used to #dislike myself for keeping such expectations as I had already made up my mind that I will be let down. However now what I do is whenever I have such an emotion I ask my inner being the reason behind it. And to my understanding I somehow disappoint myself and need to make up for it and that is when I glam-up this emotion by pampering myself. Now by #pampering I do not mean going on a shopping spree as that will just give me materialistic happiness. What I am referring to, is to spend some quality time with myself and say good things to myself. It is vital that we tell ourselves that we love ourselves and truly believe it. For when we do that it will resonate with wonderful enriching energies and keep us in that happy space that we all wish to be in. Some of the #unlimited ways to accessorize our emotions are: watching a favorite movie; listening to a song that is close to our #hearts; reading an #inspirational book; and playing a fun sport.

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