• Natasha Vaswani


Writing has become such a trend as #bloggers continue to grow. At one time people used to hide their diaries so that nobody could know their secrets. However, now we not only #publish our diaries but even promote them on our #social handles and get immense appreciation for our #brave efforts! Either you are one of those people who hesitate to express their emotions and thoughts on the paper or one like me, who can go on and on! Writing isn’t as hard as some of us think but we always need some helpful tips to know if we are going in the right direction. Below you can find some very useful tips which won’t only guide you but also improve your #writing skills and attract more readers:

1. Focus on your content: beating around the bush is just a waste of time and effort, misguiding the #readers and making them lose interest in your work. So focus on one point and discuss on the same with simple and easy to understand words. 

2. Add impacting images that relate to your topic: many people love visualizing while they read an article, blog or story; hence by adding useful images you help them to imagine it and stay engrossed on your writing. 

3. Do your research well: everything has been spoken about but one can always stand out by the way they express themselves in words. Read similar articles and blogs to understand how you can make a difference and attract more readers; the point it not criticizing others but learning from them. 

4. Don't loose yourself in too many words: everybody wants simplicity when it comes to reading, so use simple words and not unnecessary ones just to make your content sounds more interesting. 

5. Use automatic programs to evade grammatical and spelling mistakes such as #grammarly which instantly detects and corrects any errors. 

6. Always proof-read your work various times before publishing it: this sounds obvious yet not all of us proof-read it sufficient enough to publish it well.

7. Have a good #editor: always give your work for editing as we all love our work but it is essential for another person who is fluent enough in the language and adequate skills to read it and edit it. 

8. There is nothing as enough promotions!: you might think that by sharing your work on one or two social media handles will create enough exposure. However, there are millions of writers and bloggers in the world, and for yours to be noticeable to others, you have to promote it on as many social handles as possible, particularly the ones that have immense awareness such as #instagram, #facebook and #pinterest.

9. Join writing and reading #forums: if you are not much of a forum person, you can join a Facebook group on your niche topic or top ones as you will get people to become aware of your work as well as comments on the same. 

10. Publish your work on effective online communities: readers are always on the look out for topics they are interested in so they search on online communities such as Issuu, CreateSpace, Joomag, Woopie, and PaperLi. To be honest, I have only used Issuu and am quite happy with it; eventually even though all of these platforms state that they are free, you always require additional features and need to buy a plan to get upgraded. 

11. NEVER be afraid of expressing your feelings and thoughts: do not think of what others might say as that will defeat the purpose. You should let go of all your fears and let your writing flow so that it can connect with others. 

I hope these tips are helpful to you and create positive results for you as they have created for me!