• Natasha Vaswani

An Effective To-Do List During Self-Isolation

In this crucial time when the whole world had been devastated by the Corona Virus outbreak, everyone is mostly going nuts at home trying to figure out ways so as to not get #bored. When many people have financial #stress as this virus has hit the economy as well, others worry if they will be the next ones to get infected. Meanwhile there are also ignorant people out there who consider all the government measures to reduce to spread of this virus, nothing but a joke. They still go out, shake hands with people and even rejoice in partying with their friends. As it is very well said, “prevention is better than cure” and in this case the FDA yet hasn’t declared any cure for the #Corona #Virus. So how can we possibly keep our minds occupied when they are preoccupied? Here is a list I have offered my clients, students, and friends that can easily be followed at home:

One needs to calm their nerves and this is possible by engaging ourselves in:

  • Art therapy: painting or sketching has proven to relax the mind

  • Dancing: movement therapy is necessary for the mind and #body as it releases happy hormones such as dopamine

  • Reading inspirational books or blogs: keeps your focus on #positive thinking and helps you aspire towards your goals in life

  • Listening to meditations: helps in healing the thought patterns and body in many ways. You can listen to these for instance: Powerful Heal the Body Guided Meditation by Lisa A. Romano and Cells Healing The Body Guided Meditation

  • Video calls with dear ones on zoom/Facetime/Whatsapp: now is the time to #connect with your dear family and friends

  • Online courses on Udemy: I have been using Udemy since over one year and it is a perfect platform to learn online #courses in any field as well as to create your own online courses

  • Spending time with yourself: our busy lives keep us away from spending time with ourselves, however you can now connect with your inner being and create a perfect balance on a spiritual and emotional level

  • Doing the basics: some basics include watching TV, playing some fun games with your family and keeping yourself occupied in household #chores

  • Updating your social handles: nowadays social media is very powerful and the more active you are the more people will know about you. So you can learn some digital marketing tips and tricks to boost your #Instagram, #Facebook, #Twitter, #Pinterest, #LinkedIn, #Tumblr etc. You can also update your #subscribers list on your website and if you don’t have one you can make one on Wix

  • Practice Public Speaking: if you are a shy person and hesitate #speaking in front of many people or taking a video recording, now is the moment to practice it. There is an excellent book by Dale Carnegie called, “Develop Self-Confidence and Improve Public Speaking.”

  • If you fancy using 100% organic beauty products like me, you can try making your own lip balm. Check out my blog, Coffeelicious to learn how to make it.

  • Writers love expressing their hearts out on the paper so you can begin writing your own blogs and create a #blog website or promote it on your social handles

  • Lastly, if you can still work from home, some really good platforms you can connect to in order to share your work with your team are: Google, PowerPoint, Easelly, Pixlr, Zoom, and Sype

Let's count our blessings and continue being #safe at home!