• Natasha Vaswani


Updated: Mar 11, 2019

All of us associate happiness to a certain memory of when we were kids. Some of us recall when we used to hide and do some mischief to irritate our sibling or when we used to paint all the walls of our houses considering ourselves Picassos. But one feeling that we all can recollect of our childhood memory is having an #icecream.

Just the thought of it lifts our spirit, inclining us to relive that moment again and again. In this case, we have Luca Narbona who delivers this nostalgic emotion to people every day through his gelato, Bo Bom Gelato. Luca’s aim is to re-create a joyous, carefree attitude exactly as when we were children; oblivious of our problems and daily duties which is why Bo Bom's motto is "happiness is edible." The conceptualization of Bo Bom goes back to when Luca’s grandfather gave him his first gelato as a kid. Ever since then, he fell in love with gelato and today he has a successful authentic #gelateria where he personally tastes everything he makes and gives attention to the minutest details of each product made in his laboratory. 

Bo Bom is one of the newest and trendiest gelaterias in Palma de Mallorca with very promising options to choose from which are: artisan gelatos both gastro gelatos and alcoholic flavours, gelato cakes, smoothies, natural fruit juices, milkshakes, waffles, crepes, selection of coffees and teas, a tasty breakfast menu and mouth-watering gelato cocktails. 

When it comes to its quality, Luca lives up to the authentic artisanal gelato name as all of Bo Bom’s products are made under the guidance of one of the best Italian maestros in this field. Now you might ask yourself what exactly is authentic Italian artisan gelato. Not only is the most advanced technology and expertise used in the making of each gelato, but also has the best quality of ingredients. In fact, all of Bo Bom’s products contain the best quality of ingredients such as almonds from #PalmadeMallorca itself, hazelnuts from Piemonte and pistachios from Sicily. 

As Luca states, “Traditional Italian artisanal gelato is the optimal result of contemporaneously freezing and blending a mixture of authentic, natural ingredients, preferably fresh and of high quality. This is chosen, measured and mixed expertly by gelato artisans in their production area using their originality and creativity. The #gelato artisan is a trained professional who knows the techniques for balancing ingredients to make an optimal product, as well as knowing the sensorial and functional properties of both the base and flavoring ingredients, understanding the thermal fragility of his/her products, and possesses the skills necessary to manage the production process using machines and equipment, storage and sales in the best possible manner and attending product quality until it is consumed.” Luca also clarifies a very important point which not many of us know, that is that a traditional Italian artisan gelato is one that maintains the structure and consistency at a temperature of zero degrees celsius.

Frankly speaking I personally am not too fond of ice creams as they are full of calories due to their high level of sugar. Nonetheless, authentic gelatos have less sugar and cream compared to normal ice creams. Yet they are denser, creamier and more indulging. I have tasted various gelatos elsewhere where the gelato was melting in the cup before I even took my first morsel. Whereas, when I had a Bo Bom pistachio gelato it had the right amount of firmness with a smooth texture. I could literally taste the authentic pistachios used in it instead of a cheap powdered version or low quality ones. 

Also, Luca affirms that true Italian artisan made gelato is not easily found outside Italy due to its exceptional quality, natural ingredients, flavors, taste, and texture. Nonetheless, Bo Bom is already making headlines as it is successfully creating the authentic Italian gelato in Palma de Mallorca. Not only is it located in the center of the city but also in one of the best markets there, #MercadodeSantaCatalina, and has its amazing catering service. 

So let go of all your worries and enjoy Bo Bom's delicious and exclusive gelatos. Next weekend, we will walk you through a heart-felt story where the protagonist experiences the true feeling of gelato and how it changes her life. 


C/ Costa de la Pols 16 A. 07003

Palma de Mallorca

Mercado Sta. Catalina, Puesto 78, 07014

Palma de Mallorca


871 906 693/690 801 333