• Natasha Vaswani


Casa Fong is one among the many Chinese restaurants in Barcelona, but what makes it exclusive is its original Chinese food and its location as its situated next to the #sagradafamilia; thus it is easily accessible while enjoying the beautiful view of the Sagrada Familia while walking towards the restaurant.

I have tried a lot of Chinese restaurants in Barcelona but I have always found them quite bland and with the same taste everywhere. Whereas, Casa Fong offers you a unique menu if you like experimenting as well as the basic Chinese dishes and salads. This Chicken platter in #curry sauce was quite mouth-watering, maintaining fresh and crispy vegetables rather than over-cooked ones.

Otherwise, if you want to try out some spicy tofu you can order the " tofu con salsa picante" and relish a side salad like the one I ordered with #prawns.

Or you can order from the daily menu only for 7,95 e. There are loads of menus for groups of 2, 3, 5 or more people so it's always advisable to go there if you want to save on some money and enjoy really tasty #chinesefood. Including, if your total order comes up tp 1 e, you get a FREE soft drink.

And when it comes to having a treat, you can contemplate on different flavored ice creams such as the one with dry fruits and the coconut one. Surprisingly, I have been having this "helado de coco" since I was small as that was a basic dessert I loved when I ate at any Chinese restaurant in Barcelona. I just love its fresh taste of coconut and its soft and creamy texture!

Casa Fong's contact details are stated below:

323 Sardenya | Sardeña street 323, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

+34 934 57 30 60

As a reviewer, I would give this restaurant the following ratings:

· Taste of food: 5/5

· Quality of food: 5/5

· Service: 4/5

· Ambiance: 5/5

· Pricing: 5/5