• Natasha Vaswani


It is ironic when you just wish for something and God presents it in front of you. In this case, being a huge sushi fan I was looking out for an authentic sushi restaurant with a unique variety of sushi rolls. I wanted a change from the basic California rolls, or avocado and cucumber ones among others. So while passing Calle Escorial one day, I noticed that a new sushi restaurant had just opened up but the shutter was closed. So I thought that I will drop by some other day and check. To my bewilderment, when I saw the shutter opened the following day, I was reading the menu outside and heard someone calling out my name. When I turned to look I saw my friend who welcomed me into his new sushi restaurant! I was so excited to try out new sushi dishes I am a huge #sushi fan so I am very particular about the quality and taste.

He personally made fresh sushi which he claimed was one of his bestsellers and after having it I understood why. There was this perfect blend of fresh #salmon with sift cream cheese and #avocado that just left me wanting for more!

Also, I never get tired of eating #dimsum especially prawn and chicken ones. These simply melted in my mouth, and to give it a healthy twist, I also had a bowl of fresh #edamames. There are loads of blended combinations from soups, starters, main dishes to desserts in vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Japanese noodles; cheese cake

Clover Restarant's address and contact number are below:

Carrer de l'Escorial, 124, 08024 Barcelona, Spain

+34 931 26 05 85

As a reviewer, I would give the following ratings to Clover:

· Taste of food: 5/5

· Quality of food: 5/5

· Service: 5/5

· Ambiance: 5/5

· Pricing: 5/5