• Natasha Vaswani


Coffee tastes the best when it touches the lips which is why I will show you how to make a #coffee lip balm today. This week’s #DIY activity is not only fun but also super easy and quick to do. All you need are the following ingredients:

-3/4 tablespoon petroleum jelly

-1/4 teaspoon of glycerin

-coffee essence

-2-3 drops coffee color

-1 glass bowl

-1 tablespoon measuring spoon

1 teaspoon measuring spoon

-1 small glass or plastic container to put your lip balm in

First of all, you must use premium quality of petroleum #jelly and all the remaining ingredients listed above. Do not worry as Vaseline itself is petroleum jelly so it is completely safe to apply it on your #lips. Put three-quarter tablespoon of petroleum jelly in the glass bowl and one-quarter teaspoon of glycerin. Once you mix both of them well, you add a few drops of coffee essence and then again stir it so that the fragrance spreads throughout. As you might feel, the texture seems fine and thick as normal lip balms are, so all you need to do is drop-in 2-3 drops of coffee color so that it gets a brown shade. In case you do not have coffee color, you can get some chocolate color and use that as it’s also brown. Again you mix it really well and this time for a few minutes so that no residues are left. If you see small spots of brown color in the mixture, you just need to continue mixing it for a minute more. Now that it is ready you can shift it to a glass or plastic container and keep it closed to retain its essence. I would recommend using a small glass container rather than a plastic one as anything remains fresher for longer in glass as plastic contains chemicals.

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