• Natasha Vaswani


Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Italian food is all about those yummy pastas and pizzas with delicious cheeses and cold cuts. I chose this #tortellini bolognesi which was filled with ham and spicy #salami and cheese bought from #bologna.

While eating the tortellini I could taste the fresh pasta as it is made by one of the finest pasta makers in Italy, Soverini. Soverini does not use preservatives because the excellent raw materials last more than 60 days of the finished product: seasoned raw ham (40%) Bologna PGI mortadella (40%), Parmigiano Reggiano (18.4%), salt and nutmeg. As a matter of fact, all Soverini pasta is produced with a press and bronze dies that makes the pasta rough and beautiful with a yellow color .

Also, the Franchi Salamella Piccante was quite a treat, being a blend of shoulder and bacon dough, which is very prominent of the Calabrian traditions as it is actually spicy and tasty. You can consume it as a starter with other meats or even put some slices of it on your pizza!

If you are a spicy cheese lover you will surely enjoy Fuochino Formaggio al Peperoncino. This #chilli #pepper #cheese looks bland but it is spicier that what you might think. It is best eaten alone to relish its original taste

When it came to cooking other dishes, I went to the market next to Canto De' Nelli ristorante in #florence and picked out a variety of #italianherbs with clustered of black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, oregano, etc. I got quite an array of blended Italian herbs which I can sprinkle on my pastas and pizzas such as: Spagettata Floreale, Pesto Alla Siciliana, Mozzarella Alla Caprese, Spagettata Deliziosa, Spagettata All'Italiana, Bruschetta Al Pomodoro. Each one of these has filled to my heart's content with their exclusive and delicious taste. I will certainly purchase more when I travel again to #italy.

I like #risotto as its so rich in taste and quite filling too, so I opted for this Risotto Alla Zucca which was really mouth-watering.

As a reviewer, I would give this the following ratings:

· Taste of food: 5/5

· Quality of food: 5/5

· Pricing: 5/5