• Natasha Vaswani


Practice makes one #perfect, at least that is what is said. These days there is a lot of focus on #naturalremedies for good health; people are turning more towards #spirituality in awe of so many yogis. But as they say one cannot force himself/herself to do something until that need comes from within. And that desire that came from within me was the one to learn #yoga, which is why I decided to call home a qualified yoga instructor. After a few rejections I finalized on one who could teach me the authentic #poses and connect with me having the same amount of enthusiasm and care. 

As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, a good way to release pent-up emotions and #negativity is by practicing yoga. Many people refer to it as an emotional release which they require every now and then. Otherwise, some of us are so occupied in our busy lives that we opt for quick and less time-consuming way of releasing our #stress and #frustration. On a personal level, my journey in the world of yoga began a year ago, and it has created mind-blowing results. Ever since I began I feel my energies much more uplifted with a more #balanced approach towards problems. Internally, we all crave to connect with that inner bliss that gives us constant focus and #happiness

Bearing in mind that I have #stiffness in my lower back region, my yoga instructor has customized poses according to my back issues and level of flexibility. Aishwarya Bangera is one of the best yoga instructors operating under her company, Aishwarya Yoga Center. As she states, “ yoga poses stretch your #muscles and increase your range of motion. And even though yoga is not aerobic, it can be just as good as #aerobics for improving health and strength. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of strength to hold your body in a balanced pose. Yoga also helps in improving bone health and posture; increasing blood flow and reducing #digestive problems. The famous pranayam is excellent to cleanse your lungs. Yoga also makes your mind relax, hence controlling your anger.” 

So, ever since I began, I have been enjoying the practice of yoga and undoubtedly I am as #motivated to learn more as when I started off. What I have come to understand is that yoga doesn’t only heal your physical #health issues but even your emotional ones. There will be times when you feel lethargic to do yoga or feel like skipping it but that is just your body trying to resist all the physical and emotional cleansing from happening. As we have come to understand from many spiritual teachers, #emotions are #energy points and #vibrations. Yoga releases toxins as each and every pose has been designed for ultimate benefits and results.

Poses such as #bhramri prayanam and anulom vilom are very effective to control #feelings of #frustration. After all the essence lies in breathing as it is the only way that the body and organs receive #oxygen. Surprisingly, most of our health issues are connected to our emotions which is why certain poses help us to release these unwanted emotions. For example, the sun salutation has been proven to create an energy boost in the body as it is an incorporation of many #asanas for emotional healing into a single sequence. So as one undergoes emotional healing while practicing this pose, the act of moving from one #posture to another can create a very positive mental and physical flow. For best results, I do the entire sun salutation series at least ten times in a row. 

Also, as emotions tend to build up in the back and hip region, poses such as the Goddess pose open the hips and release pent-up emotions. If you want to know more of related poses for emotional #wellbeing you can also practice the Pigeon pose, corpse pose, back bends, and seated/standing forward bends, and the Child’s pose as shown in the image here. Hence you need to invest in our emotional well being to keep away stress, depression and anxiety for which I certainly choose yoga as a daily practice with constant #evolvement in #mentalpeace, happiness and #spiritualgrowth