• Natasha Vaswani


#Fuzia is a world-known social media platform with 4 million followers across more than 30 countries, sharing art, videos, blogs, articles, music, photography, food, and travel. As a weekly contributor to this platform, I have formed a liking to Fuzia as it not only promotes my blogs and spreads further awareness, but also helps me to engage with others from many diverse communities, cultures, and work areas. It is targeted towards women empowerment; however it encourages constructive work rather than just feminist ideals. In the coming future, Fuzia will be expanding its horizon to the opposite gender and reducing any limitations. In fact, this is a great idea as even men will have a chance to express their #feelings and thoughts and receive positive feedback on them.

Another interesting feature that Fuzia offers is a monthly contest along with 3 to 4 sub-contests; hence every week there is a #contest you can participate in. You can always be on the lookout for these amazing contests on their Instagram and Facebook handles.  Also, Fuzia appreciates unique and inspiring work and promotes its weekly best 5 posts, informing its trillions of followers through its social handles and e-mails. Personally speaking, my blogs have been chosen twice as one of the five best posts of the week and this has encouraged me to #express my thoughts one step further . One of its many amazing features that I really like is the shoutbox option where I can inform everyone on Fuzia to check out my latest blog and comment on it. You might have noticed Fuzia’s recently launched modified look of its website which is very user #friendly and helps you to connect with Fuzia on its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn handles. It also walks you through essential information about Fuzia and how to become a member so that you can start connecting with other Fuziaites right away! Whenever you search for a Fuziaite or post, a long list of interesting tabs show up on the right side such as Featured posts, Food & Travel, Current Affairs, Stories, videos, Quotes and many more.

Another exciting upcoming project is Fuzia’s improvised user friendly app, so one can instantly connect with others on this app wherever one might be located. Including, Fuzia plans on assisting students from all over the world in enriching their skills by building bridges between them and potential employers. 

So what’s the hidden cost in this or what is Fuzia benefiting out of all of us who become active members on its platform? Well Fuzia is absolutely FREE, and has no hidden costs as its only motive is to uplift people’s thoughts and creative energy by reducing all the barriers. Fuzia doesn’t believe in making business out of people’s happiness and peace of mind, hence it doesn’t even allow any abuse or online bullying to discourage any member. So, if you are looking out for a super active platform which highlights skill development, creative and academic learning, and giving emotional and psychological support to others, Fuzia is the place! There is 24/7 assistance whenever you need some help in posting, creating your portfolio and applying for freelance jobs from home. Moreover, you can start earning money as well by using Fuzia Coins which are awarded to you for completing simple tasks while using the website and then the money is transferred to your account. What is not allowed is spamming and plagiarized content as everyone deserves to get credit for their work. Various contests and campaigns are held, allowing you to test your skills on a global level while earning cash prizes, certificates and/or goodies along with recognition and appreciation from Fuzia.

So without thinking twice, just log onto www.fuzia.com and become a member right away! Do not hold yourself back from all the excitement and appreciation waiting for you. Let the world know you and recognize your talent without any hindrances.