• Natasha Vaswani


Everyone’s life is filled with surplus amounts of experiences; however one of them which we all can relate to is the experience of #fear. The fear of failure, rejection, death, relationships, intimacy, etc. These fears begin at a very young age and materialize as deep-rooted beliefs which hinder our future and make us live in the past. We procrastinate over so many things as we don’t want old experiences to reoccur, so we often hear ourselves saying that, “ I won’t do that mistake ever again as I have been through hell the previous time.” To our bewilderment, we continue to encounter all that we fear and run away from, which is why it is always recommended to face our fears.

You might think to yourself what do I know about fears and it is very easy for me to say… However I myself didn’t realize how toxic my fears were until a little while ago when I went deep within with a determined mind to solve the root of the problem. From a very young age, I too encountered a lot of rejection from my family and friends which materialized as a terrible inferiority complex. So I chose to shut-down and let life take its course little knowing that what I felt from within evokes the same vibrations to others and was preventing me from living a happy and complete life. I kept on depending on others to show me my true worth and this only attracted toxic friendships. Nobody can value you except you yourself as the quicker you understand that the better quality of life you will have. I understood this at the age of 34, and right until then I had encountered unimaginable hurdles and life experiences. Paolo Coelho very well said that," there is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of #failure."

Fear creates mental blocks in our minds, thus preventing us from creating actions and using the right words as panic takes over us. If we look back at situations when fear took over us, and we replace it with patience and understanding, we would all change the outcome of that situation. Indeed, people and situations are not in our control, but out reactions are and for us to react properly we need to get rid of fear.

Eventually, fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real created from deep-rooted beliefs in our subconscious mind. So the only and best way to get rid of your fear is by facing it, which means that you will have to get out of your comfort zone and make that extra effort so that you can pull this deep-rooted belief and throw it out of your system. In my life I had been a very shy girl who used to sit on the back row of the classrooms as I was terrorized with the thought of even getting noticed. I also had little self-esteem as I was dyslexic and constantly reminded of by some teachers and students.

Today I am a fashion designer, stylist, blogger, writer, and motivational speaker. This journey from an extreme introvert to a confident multi-tasker who speaks her mind and soul to the world, hasn’t been easy. Nonetheless, it isn’t impossible and this very belief is what has helped me to reach where I am today. In other words, we all can change our present and future just by changing our way of thinking. So instead of pondering on negative and fearful thoughts think of inspiring ones that give you courage to overcome your fears. So get out there and add some more value to your life by converting your fears into achievements.

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