• Natasha Vaswani


Wouldn’t you wish to enjoy all those delicious sweets without thinking of the calories they contain? These days there are many tutorials on DIY activities with all health-related topics such as healthy lifestyle #tips, workouts to maintain a #healthy body, home-made dishes to be in good shape etc. Yet at times, our busy schedules refrain us from maintaining a healthy life so we get less time to exercise and consume convenient and microwavable food.

However, there are some things that if done well, don’t require much time and keep you in perfect health and shape, such as today’s #DIY activity on making Healthy Sweets. It is a known fact that gelatin is very good for our bodies as we require it to promote collagen for our bones and their flexibility. The most common way of consuming #gelatin is by eating jelly. Its sweet taste and soft and shaky texture makes us want even more. Nonetheless, jelly contains gelatin but also sugar, color and preservatives. You can opt for a better option by eliminating all that sugar, color and preservatives. 

Firstly, what you do is select cute silicone molds where you will pour the mixture. Then you gather or arrange for the following ingredients:

3-4 pears

3-4 apples

Cold pressed organic coconut oil to spray in the moulds

¾ cup organic honey

½ cup gelatine powder

2 tablespoons of freshly grounded cardamom powder

Now you are all set to begin this fun and healthy DIY activity. Spray the molds you want to use with cold pressed coconut oil. Then make fruit juice out of the apples and pears but do not mix them so that you can have a variety of a few flavored jellies in different molds. Also, do not throw the pulp away as that is what contains the vitamins and will add a thick consistency to the mixture. As we all know, fruits and fruit juices must be consumed immediately otherwise they become oxidized and lose their vitamins; hence once you mix the pulp with the apple juice and pear juice in different bowls, you will need to speed up the process a bit.

Sprinkle the gelatin powder in both the bowls with the respective fruit juices and whisk them until they are well mixed. After that, you set these mixtures aside and let them soften for 5 minutes. You can put the mixtures in the microwave for 50-60 seconds until they soften further or as I did just heat them up on a low flame for a minute. Once these mixtures are soft you whisk #organic honey and some cardamom into them until they are properly blended. 

Now your mixtures are absolutely ready so you can go ahead and pour them into the silicone molds. Keep them in the refrigerator for one and a half hours to two hours. Lastly, you remove them from the molds facing them downwards and pressing them from the center. Due to the fact that these are natural sweets I would recommend consuming them within a week to ten days.