• Natasha Vaswani


As you might recall, last week’s story focused on Ella’s life-changing experience by introducing #yoga into her life to improve her health. And this week we will put yoga into practice by a Do-It-Yourself activity. Many things take us down memory lane as they remind us of special moments that brought joy into our lives. One of these such special things that create a nostalgic feeling in me are stones. I remember when I was a child I used to love collecting rocks of all sizes and colors and then I used to write tiny #messages on them. These messages were words that I connected with such as #happy, #nervous, #princess, #love, and #excitement. I am sure that you too have certain words that are close to your heart, many of which u have been using from your childhood. So let’s again become kids and write on stones what we wish to. In this case, I have written my power words that are harmony, joy, love, peace and yoga as I connect with them at this very moment. I chose to paint using permanent markers and chalk markers purchased from #Barcelona, #Spain

Additionally, I #painted some simple yoga #poses on these stones to remember them and then treasure them in a safe place where I can find them. I sourced these yoga poses online and chose some of the ones I practice on a daily basis. What you first need to do is practice using these markers on a sheet of paper by first pressing them for 20 seconds as the ink will collect on the tip. Then practice #sketching the pose a few times before you paint it on the #rock as each rock will be a bit tricky to paint on due to its texture and form. You can even plan which colors who want to combine as you have a variety of them to select from.

To give it a fancier look you can add an #abstract border following the outline of the rocks or stick to some basic #shapes such as starts and zig-zags. You might also want to fill-in between the border and the yoga pose with dots or stars if you feel they look empty in the center. As they are permanent markers they dry quickly so be sure of what you want to paint and how you want to paint them. Once you are done painting these yoga poses and words you can gather them and preserve them in a #box or chest and use them as often as you wish to or even travel with them just as a way of re-connecting.