• Natasha Vaswani


This week we at Blogashopper are making our guest blog slightly different by having a question-answer approach, so that our readers can enjoy all the advice that Hanna Salazar has to offer. Hanna Salazar is a Canadian #motivationalspeaker who gives valuable insights on how to uplift your life.

Blogashopper: What was the turning point in your life which led you to become an #inspiration to others?

Hanna: We’ve all had turning points in our lives which have led us to this very moment. Whether it’s a bad break up or excessive eating that led us to being overweight. I am thankful for my turning point to be January 1st of 2018,  when I was looking at my family annual pictures and realized that  the person in the picture was unrecognizable. This is when my decision to start working on the best version of myself began. This turning point not only prompted healthy eating decisions, it really made me realize how it was not only eating and exercising but also all that the soul was searching that really made a difference. And this is when the media platform Advice From Hanna was born. It was extremely apparent how there were many millions of workout and nutrition pages yet nobody was speaking about the nitty gritty of how our insides and mindsets need to shift in order to see a difference.

Blogashopper: How do you believe you add value to bringing in awareness and educating people on self-love/self-empowerment?

Hanna: The media has done a phenomenal job of bringing  hot topic words like self-love and self-empowerment into our vocabulary. My platform Advice From Hanna definitely amplifies these words on daily posts speaking about my experiences and having guest speakers let us know about their journeys on self #empowerment or love. I feel as though speaking about my experiences will help others discover that they are truly unique individuals destined for greatness.

Blogashopper: You had mentioned having a mindset that creates a shift from within. Can you give us some tips on creating such a mindset or anything that you believe motivates people to work towards a positive way of thinking?

Hanna: What I’ve found that has definitely cultivated a positive mindset is constantly checking in with myself throughout the day. Asking myself how I am feeling and attending to that need. Checking in has created a healthy habit of resolving any negative feelings as they occur and overall creating a positive atmosphere for myself. It will enhance your self-esteem and make interactions with others a positive one. I invite you to check in with yourself today and see how your feeling.

Understanding my objective has most definitely allowed for self empowerment to come into manifestation. View below in steps how I’ve achieved self empowerment:

1. Set an objective: To exercise and eat healthier.

2. Create a positive mantra: “ I am worthy to become the woman of my dreams”

3. Learn to accept failures:

I cannot stress how learning to accept when things don’t go as planned has been a game changer for me. We often think being empowered doesn’t mean everything is perfect all the time, it means accepting the things as they are now and making it work.

Blogashopper: How has writing helped you in your journey?

Hanna: Writing has been a powerful tool as it’s where my soul comes and expresses it’s deepest emotions alongside helping me heal all previous negative thoughts. It’s most definitely open doors that I’ve dreamt being shut and ultimately helping others feel empowered to pursue their journeys.

If I could tell my younger self one piece of advice it would be to never stop writing and despite what society says she will become the woman she envisions by taking on step at a time.  Let’s stop being ordinary and walk into extraordinary #possibilities.

Blogashopper: So before we wrap it up here, where can our readers find you to connect with you?

Hanna: They can connect with me on my Instagram handle which is  Advicefromhanna