• Natasha Vaswani


Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Colors play a very powerful role in our lives and keep us attached to certain #feelings and #memories. The artist Pablo Picasso once remarked "Colors, like features, follow the changes of the #emotions." It is not a coincidence that colors affect our moods as there is a deep-rooted connection between the two. Research states that colors are similar to emotions as you can mix them and have fantastic outcomes. But not all of us believe in all those studies until we ourselves #experience it. I personally think that there is more to life than the basic white and black within the color chart and there are so many unimaginable hues. As there are hidden colors there are also #hiddenemotions which can come to the surface with the help of certain colors as colors trigger moods. For example, when we are sad we want to be in dark rooms and wear dark colored clothes. As shown in the previous blog, A love story, white and pink are part of the protagonist’s life in giving her hope and love, as #white depicts transparency and light; and #pink is the color for love and romance. All of us perceive colors very differently as they are influenced by a person’s culture and personality. #Colors are extremely personal and depend on our experiences and culture, for instance, white is used in Western countries for marriage while in countries like India it is used at the time of mourning. 

As such, warm colors are those #red, #yellow and #orange shades in the color spectrum. Obviously, these colors are the colors of fire that radiate heat hence when we think of them we are charged up. When it comes to the emotions associated with these, we can feel warmth and passionate but also angry and resentful. Whereas, colors such as #blue, #purple and #green are considered as cool colors and provide calmness and harmony but also indifference. As you might have noticed, babies are quite often worn #pastel shades and stereotyped as #blue for boys and pink for girls. Hence there is an understanding that light shades keep the babies calm while dark ones might make them restless.

Colors play a very powerful role in our lives and keep us attached to certain feelings and memories. I can recall as I was growing up, I used to like baby pink and #lilac a lot. In fact, I have changed various houses throughout my life and in all of them I have always had a lilac colored room. But #colorpreferences also change as we walk through different experiences in life and as time passes by we learn to accept some colors which we previously rejected. In my case, I have always shied away from red as I found it overpowering and felt it made me hyper. But today I not only feel comfortable with red around me but also like to wear it and carry it. Before it gave me #restlessness and now it gives me power. Red adds to my femininity now as a woman and energizes me when I feel low. So we all have a favorite color but require certain colors that uplift our #energies and make us happy. My favorite color is purple and colors that alter my mood in a #positive manner are royal blue and red.

Which colors do you feel work as your mood-changers?