• Natasha Vaswani


Everyone has a #story to remember, some pleasant and others tragic. We want the world to appreciate all our efforts and give us the hero tag for all of our #experiences and actions. However, how many of us actually have to courage to share our stories with the world? Questions which appear as obstacles in this process are: what will the world think of me? Will they criticize me or actually appreciate me for all that I have been through? And what if they start comparing their stories to mine and they appear to be more marvelous #heroes?

All of these assumptions are silly yet create the chatter in our brains, resulting in hesitation to express ourselves. Naturally, there are also #courageous people who truly are “open books” and speak their hearts out without worrying about the consequences. I am not here to condemn anyone as we are all responsible for our actions and have the right to preserve or share our stories with the rest.

This amazing connection we have with #stories is so powerful that it takes us back to our childhood. Many of us fell asleep at night listening to wonderful stories, and people like me used to even imagine them in our dreams. In fact, as an adult too I continue to read and imagine stories, taking it to another level by writing #inspirational stories. My stories consist of the protagonist’s journey and how she overcomes her biggest milestones, creating awareness to the readers that all is well that ends well. 

After receiving so much love and appreciation for my stories, I have decided to conglomerate them and create e-books that will be available in various formats such as PDF and Kindle. Each eBook contains four lovely stories and one new free story only available in these eBooks. The first eBook is called Heartfelt Stories.

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