• Natasha Vaswani


Why is it that we always have these #emotions which we feel make us weak? Is there any way to stop this #selftalk that goes on and on within us and drives us crazy? Logically thinking there is no way to stop this self-talk but practically speaking we can control it. We choose to #believe that we become weak when we become emotional, but in reality we only become weak when we give our power to others. And this fear of others #manipulating our #thoughts is simply unbearable. It is not them who take our power away but rather us who give our power to them. Call it God or the #Universe or the #HigherSelf, but we have been given emotions so that we can feel and make the right choices in life. As mentioned in my previous blog, being right is on a person’s personal choice as everyone’s definition of #righteousness varies. 

Let’s be #realistic now! Eventually all we need is to be loved and cared as when we were babies, which is why we seek for that comfort throughout our lives. Some of us receive that affection from our partner while others receive it from a best friend. Of course mothers are always there to guide us as they are the institution of #unconditionallove. But we fear the day they move on to another realm who will take care of us? Deep inside we very well know that our mother has taught us to take care of ourselves irrelevant of the situation we might come across. You can choose to act like a victim and prove to the world how unjust this society is for #women or you can choose to accept the idea that we women also have power. My mother has always told me that women have the power to make or break a home. Once you learn to accept your power and channelize it in a constructive way, things automatically change.

What we feel within is reflected in our surroundings like a mirror image. So if you feel that you are weak and always get easily manipulated into talks or doing favours for people then you will attract more of that into your life. Conversely if you treat yourself with abundant #love and #respect and #rust on yourself to the point that come what may you can take care of yourself, nothing can go wrong. And even if it does you will know how to get out of that complicated situation. It is all about belief but unfortunately we seek that belief in others instead of looking inside us. You may think what do I know and it’s easier to preach than practice it. But let me tell you my friend, that I too am in the #learning process. Every day I try to discover new things about myself. I am such a person by nature that I face the problem and don’t surrender myself to it until I find a solution to it. Now this is coming from a very quiet girl who used to sit on the back row as she never wanted to catch any student or teacher’s attention. While growing up I was an extreme #introvert who used to struggle to look into a person’s eyes while even saying a casual “hi.” But life has its wonderful way of teaching us what we need to learn and through my experiences I learnt and began to gain the #confidence I lacked for so many years.

Today I am a #happy confident woman who doesn’t only look into people’s eyes while greeting them but has long conversations with people from all walks of life. I have learnt to love Natasha as she is; and that means that I have kept all those #fears aside, and stopped the self-criticism. The fear of being rejected by others, the fear of being manipulated, and the fear of being hurt. We forget that in life there are ups and downs hence everything cannot always go our way. The biggest #struggle and #achievement is encountering all sorts of #problems and yet smiling your way through them. I have learnt this quality from my mother; not only is she an ocean of love but also a mentor in my life.

My sister and I grew up with a #singleparent as we lost our father when we were quite small. Nonetheless, mom fought against all odds to secure our future and teach us correct principles in the most #positive way possible. She is one woman who has never given up and being a single parent one always tends to become versatile at times. There was so much pressure to handle a business she had no clue of, to protect our future and to continue nurturing us but yet she smiled her way through all these years of hardship. It is very easy to convince yourself that you cannot do something and just #blame your circumstances or people for it. But what we forget is that if we could fall as babies while we were learning to walk and yet get up and again put in some effort, then what is holding us back now? So what if we fall? We have the #maturity and #understanding that we didn’t have when we were babies. So even if we fall now, we will dust ourselves and rise up with a bang! We will continue to walk even though we may stumble or fall. But we will continue to walk until we can start to run to a point where we become #unstoppable!