• Natasha Vaswani


Do you ever wonder why some of your friends hog like pigs and are yet very #slim? Whereas, whichever #diet you try only gives you temporary results? I have been experiencing all of this since years and nothing seemed to work until I began studying my emotions. We have so many pent-up feelings such as #grief, #resentment, and #anger which materialize as fat in our bodies leading to various health issues. In other words, emotions lead to our health problems and our weight issues as well. This is not a fact derived from all the studies conducted in this matter, but even from my personal perspective. Yes all these emotions do appear as fat on the body as a defense mechanism for us. Based on science, when you are depressed your body faces a deficiency of serotonin (5-HT) that controls your sleep, #appetite and mood due its analgesic effect. One thing to note is that depression is a mood disorder while anxiety isn’t as the latter triggers your worrisome mood. Many of us consider them similar due to their symptoms such as fatigue, sadness, nervousness, poor concentration and lack of sleep.

You might notice that some people gain weight when they face #depression while others lose it. This is also dependent on your genes and the environment surrounding you. It is a misconception that belly fat is only a result of an #unhealthy lifestyle and wrong eating habits. Personally speaking, I do not drink, smoke, keep any late nights, or eat any unhealthy food and sweets. I have always maintained a very healthy diet and practiced #workout and #yoga daily. However nothing seemed to work after all those delicious food sacrifices and long hours of regular workout. None of my countless efforts would make me drop down those kilograms until I didn’t figure out the true reason behind my belly fat. Then I noticed that whenever I was stressed or bottled up my emotions I used to gain weight which was impossible to lose. My journey towards emotional growth began when I started reading Louise L. Hay’s books and began chanting her affirmations. Then I recollected a book she had recommended in her bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, which was The Only Diet There Is by Sondra Ray. This book has created wonders for me while helping me to shed those extra pounds of #weight. In the book many vital points are covered up some of which include: how retained hate is overweight, it is safe to be happy as a joyful mind will keep you slim, how to manage food games and the #forgiveness diet.

Time and again it has been proven that our food cravings are determined by our state of mind and the lack of experiencing joy in our lives. If you would like to know which sweet food is linked to which emotional deficiency you can click on a #link and receive a free guide to it. All you need to do is simply sign up with your e-mail id! As soon as you subscribe to us you will receive the link to #sweet food items and their #emotionalconnect.

Weight loss is a very sensitive topic, hence some people might not believe in these facts. Nonetheless, studies and my personal experience understand the importance of our emotions and how they alter our weight and health issues. Here you can see my before and after picture when I did research and implemented balanced emotions in my life. I am now a very happy and slim woman who enjoys and respects her #emotions.