• Natasha Vaswani


As mentioned in our previous episode, winners are not those people who never #fail but those people who never give up. Today’s topic will be on never giving up! I have met people from all walks of life with all sorts of perspectives and experiences. The one similar factor between all of them is their die-hard attitude to never give up. Let’s begin by discussing a few bitter but true realities about life: nobody ever said that life is supposed to be a cake walk and we shall only enjoy everlasting happiness.

While visiting Happy Feet Home Foundation, I always get energized with all the positivity and joy reflected on each #HIV+ child there which stands as a commendable example of never giving up. They know their lifespan, they know their breaths are counted, but still they live each day to the fullest.

In fact even if there are great people out there who have it all today, have mostly risen from #painful and miserable pasts. So one’s experience teaches him/her what to want and what not to want from life. Also, we need to understand that each one of us has some problem or the other and it entirely depends on how we see it. If we ponder over a problem rather than working on the solution and already manifesting it as a reality, life indeed does become easier! Moreover, failures are nothing but stepping stones before we reach our purpose so we shouldn’t allow our failures to take over and alter our confidence level. Confidence and unshakable #belief is the only thing that will get you through the worst. Personally speaking, I too have had my share of disappointments in life but if I had to sit down and cry over them and then give up, I wouldn’t have the understanding and awareness that I have today. So if you feel that you are all alone let me tell you my friend that most of us are constantly in this battle of not surrendering to the easy and or negative way out. You just have to remain determined on never caving in to what goes against your principles or heart’s desires. 

Moreover the most important person to prove ourselves to… is us! If we believe in ourselves and know our true being, sooner or later it will evoke the same emotion in others. We might not realize but people do notice our gestures, behavior, and conversations; hence nobody wants to be around what is tagged as “losers” or people who easily give up. All of us always want to be surrounded by happy and strong people so that our energies are always uplifted. Success only comes when we simply refuse to give up and have such strong goals that even our obstacles, failures and losses only act as a source of motivation. This is reverse psychology which can be attained by tapping into the #subconscious mind. But that is a whole new chapter which is too intense to simply mention here. However I will throw much more light on the subconscious mind in the podcasts to come. 

If you are looking out for tips on how to #nevergiveup you can work around these:

  1. trust your gut as it is called the 2nd brain for being a perfect blend of our mind and heart. So this helps us to make wise decisions suitable for our welfare and without hurting others

  2. keep a diary where you list other instances of when you didn’t give up and how it resulted to be better for you. This will motivate you and keep you focused on your objectives

  3. engage yourself in some physical activity such as exercise, yoga, dance or some other sport to keep your brain active and young and release the stress from your body

  4. keep your ego away and work around improving your skills and abilities as that will make you stronger and more confident

  5. be true to yourself so get out of your dream world and face reality as it is, so that you can logically find a solution to it

  6. listen to music and watch movies that boost your spirit to receive further encouragement in times when you feel low

  7. enjoy the journey rather than centering your attention on the finish line as that will always inspire you to strive for better

  8. look at role models around you who have fought all odds to achieve success

  9. and NEVER believe yourself to be a failure

I grew up listening to words such as “you are dumb, you are a failure, you are useless, you will never make it in life, you will never be happy, you do not deserve love, etc”. And all this shaped my reality as that is what I believed for many years. This is where I actually failed hence there is no #failure than the feeling of giving into people’s talks and giving up on yourself. My life only began to change when I took control of my thoughts and reshaped my beliefs to love myself and connect with the real Natasha within me. Today my past feels more like another life and I am enjoying each any every moment grabbing all the #opportunities coming my way.

So you too shouldn’t miss out on any of all that life has to offer you. Let people see you struggle but never let anyone see you quit!

We bring a closure here with a glimpse of next week’s topic which will highlight our recent blog written by acclaimed transformational coach and co-author of a bestseller, Rising Up From Mental Slavery, Danielle Martins. So, tune in to next week’s heartfelt conversation that I will have with Danielle Martins.