• Natasha Vaswani


Gone are those days when writers had to wait for #publishers to publish their books after endless editing and required procedures. Nowadays, there are so many writers who #selfpublish their books, #eBooks, and magazines. However, even though we are open to a lot of opportunities, we yet need to focus on the content. There is no right or wrong as opinions are subjective to each person, but we can follow a guideline to streamline our content in order to create effective results. The guideline below has personally helped me in launching my first eBook Heartfelt Stories which has gained a lot of appreciation and response:

1. Establish your niche market (readers’ gender, age, career, point of interest, etc)

2. Focus on one topic as your #content should just flow by while your readers scan through it

3. Make an impact: everybody wants a change in order to get out of the monotony of daily life so make you blog worth for them to consume their time in reading it

4. Have an emotional touch: the reality is that #emotions sell as everybody is in search of happiness and love; hence they are always on the lookout for it

5. Voice your opinion with confidence; do not worry about what others may say as opinions always differ

6. Always write considering your audience rather than yourself as you want to connect with your readers rather than discourage or appall them

7. Focus on headings as it is the first thing that a reader sees before he/she decides to continue reading the content or not

8. Your topic should be understood in the first paragraph of your blog or article itself. If there is no clarity, readers get confused and loose interest easily

9. DO NOT use complicated and very sophisticated words as they discourage readers from reading further

10. Never sell your topic/product/service as that puts readers off; you should provide them with solutions to their needs or problems

11. To evade grammatical errors, you can download grammarly which automatically detects mistakes and corrects them on the spot. In fact you can even join its #affiliate program and earn a commission out of it!

12. Proofread it and give it for editing at least a few times before publishing it

There are many more points we can throw some light on, but these are the most important ones, hence you can follow them to create impressive content for your blogs/articles.

#Blogging and #writing have become a very fancy trend but most people think that one cannot earn money out of them. Monetizing on your work is possible as a passive income through various channels such as affiliate marketing, having guest posts on your website to drive more traffic etc. I will walk you through these monetizing possibilities in the weeks to come. For now you can enjoy this free list of cost-effective platforms to self-publish your work.

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