• Natasha Vaswani


Day by day Veganism is becoming more of a influence on our lives as we learn how damaging many of the foods and supplements are on our bodies. And #PETA has always believed in cruelty-free fashion and soon there will be Veganism on each ramp show in Fashion Week. According to the sources, Vegan Fashion Week 2020 is scheduled to happen in April in Los Angeles but due to the CornonaVirus Pandemic there will be a delay.

If you are looking out for authentic Vegan fashion labels you can check out the following:


Many of my readers have often asked me what is vegan leather and how is it different from the leather that people normally wear? So #vegan leather is made of various sustainable products such as pineapple leaves, apple peals, corks, and even recycled plastic. At times one cannot even make out when it is vegan leather as it looks as stunning as a pure leather jacket or handbag.

Keeping this in mind, vegan fashion is not that cheap as it takes much longer to process the materials and execute the final product, but there are different ranges available online. Veganism is all over clothing and accessories spreading its comfort and eco-friendly nature to thousands of us all around the world.