• Natasha Vaswani


When we think of Italian artisan chocolate mostly only one name comes into our minds which is Venchi. #venchi has been a very famous chocolate since 1878, hence there are a variety of chocolates and the quality is totally to die for. Their products range from #pralines to Suprema Chocolate Spread, chocolate bars in mouth-watering flavors, hot chocolate and gelato.

As I was on the run, I picked out various chocolate types such as dark chocolate, hazelnut, white chocolate and Gianduja all of which were simply amazing! One of my favorite ones was the Cremino Pistachio that has small pieces of high-quality pistachio in it. These chocolates are very rich and filling hence at least I couldnt have more than 2-3 at one go!

There are many Venchi outlets all over the world, and I grabbed these from Florence.

As a reviewer, I would give Venchi the following ratings:

· Taste of food: 5/5

· Quality of food: 5/5

· Pricing: 5/5 (it is expensive but totally worth it!)