• Natasha Vaswani


Naples is known for being one of the largest metropolitan cities in Italy and if you go there you have to visit one of the most known streets which is Via de Toledo. As you might expect it, there are loads of shops and #ristorantes as well as a huge Disney store.

Naples is also known for its delicious pizzas but as I was there on a short stop-over and needed to return back to my #cruise liner, I didn't get a chance to enjoy a pizza.

While walking towards Via de Toledo I came across pretty exhibition stalls with authentic Italian crafts, clothes, oil paintings, jewelry etc. This is the best time to learn about the art and culture of a city as their interesting products always reflect all the beautiful sceneries, people and things.

I totally love checking out shopping stalls as there are tons of unique products displayed in such a beautiful manner.

While walking by #viadetoledo I came across this tiny ally with heart-shaped boards and slogans on love. The flower pots on the sidelines added to its grace and just reminded me of how much Italians are passionate about things.


When I stepped into a #cafeteria I relished the sight of all of these yummy chocolates! YES, these are Italian #chocolates: the one of the left is white chocolate with raspberries and the tray on the right contains chocolate with #caramel. I cannot tell you how amazing they were, and extremely heavy too, so I would suggest just having one!

Lastly, if you are in Rome you have to try out the #cappuccino or cafe freddo and americano. Including the hot chocolate with whipped cream was such a delight. The yummy strong #coffee beans and the creamy substance of the froth just made me wish that moment would never get over!

This is Cafe Freddo