• Natasha Vaswani


Updated: Mar 13, 2019

It takes a lot to understand the #feeling of #happiness as each of us have our own perspectives to it. At stated in my previous blog, everyone’s definition of happiness differs and nobody is right or wrong. Again this is also dependent on a person’s #values and #principles but I am not here to judge. Wed girls are known to be more emotional than men, but of course it cannot be generalized. I am personally a more practical girl as I use my emotions as my strength and not a weakness. According to me, happiness is the feeling of joy that brings a smile to my face and as I am a simple person I don’t expect much when it comes to others making me happy. As a matter of fact, the best feeling in this world is not to expect anything from anyone as #expectations lead to disappoints, and I think we are done being disappointed! Therefore the most sensible thing is to depend entirely on yourself for your happiness. One little tip that I could suggest to you which I personally practice on a daily basis is to think of one thing during the day that will make me happy. I mostly ponder on this thought as soon as I wake up and say a small prayer of gratitude to the universe. I think to myself… what is one thing that can make Natasha happy today? Then I have tiny and reasonable wishes that I can materialize one by one, enjoying the #bliss of each of their #fulfillment.

Investing that one minute of your busy schedule everyday of your life is not being #selfish. Why is it that we can invest so many hours and months or even years on our families and careers but when it comes to ourselves we are hesitant? Why are we hesitant? Are we scared of what everyone will say or criticize us considering us selfish? Or do we think that we are not worth those few minutes of happiness a day? Have you ever though to yourself why is it that you depend on others to bring a #smile on your face? Why do you need others to tell you how good and caring you are? Why do you need others to tell you and give you the worth that you #deserve? Society is full of stereotypes and yes we have to live in this very society but at times ignorance is necessary. The society will always have ways of judging you…you are too thin or too fat, you should talk less, you should be more of an introvert, you shouldn’t criticize others and the list goes on.

One of their favorite questions to me is when am I getting married? I don’t seem to understand the idea of what my marriage has to do with people and their lives. It is very difficult for people to digest the fact that I am 33 years old and still #unmarried. I am always bombarded with this question-“The clock is ticking, so when are you getting married? You shouldn’t wait any longer.” My viewpoint on this while topic is completely different. I cannot get married only because I am 33 years old. Worse come to worse if I do not find my match I will adopt a baby. But that too doesn’t go down to well with them. I can’t make people understand that I cannot depend on someone else to make me happy, and that I am solely #responsible for my happiness. This is entirely my choice on when I want to marry and if I want to marry, not on others. Yes at times this does get very frustrating as people make it their life’s mission to find a suitable match for me, but I have learnt that this too shouldn’t #disturb my inner joy ad peace of mind.

Yes you are thinking right…I do get judged and criticized but I just give it a deaf ear now as at times silence is stronger than words. There is no point on arguing with people as they strongly believe that I am too career oriented to give any importance to #marriage. But in reality all of us girls want someone whom we can share #beautiful experiences with. So I just prefer waiting for that person and focusing on my career rather than ending up frustrated and desperate to marry anybody that comes my way. Every girl’s experience depends on the culture she belongs too as for us Indian girls things are slightly different. But one thing that unites each and every one of us is the right to be happy. We girls have so many things to focus our attention on such as travelling, food, career, apparel and accessories in the fashion world, top makeup trends, trendy hairstyles, interesting nail art, and loads more; I too love these being a #fashion designer and #blogger. But there are a few more points which we at times forget or give less attention to such as investing in our happiness and #selfgrowth. I will blog about many realms of happiness and you are welcome to choose and apply any if you wish to. For now just relax and try to ask yourself just one question, “What makes me happy?”