• Natasha Vaswani


Updated: Mar 15, 2020

During my stay at #hotelmarriott in Athens, I enjoyed all the free evening snacks and little perks as one of the members of The Marriott chain. However what swept me off my feet were the tasty #panasian dishes at E & O Restaurant at the rooftop. While I enjoyed an amazing view, I really relished the following dishes:

The daikon, enoki, red pepper, avocado salad rolls were something I had never tried before but to my amazement, they were quite pleasant. As the base of the rolls was rice, it was crispy and fresh and all the ingredients added to these rolls just made it more mouth-watering. Daikon is a type of white #radish characterized by fast growing leaves, which gave this dish a slightly pungent taste. Also, Enoki is a type of Japanese #mushroom which can be used not only in salads but also soups. The red pepper added some sweetness and the avocado gave it a bit of a thick and creamy texture.

One of my standard choices is salmon as I am a health freak. So I opted for this Robata #salmon #sesame ponzu. As I dipped the fresh succulent salmon into the #ponzu sauce I felt my mouth water. The ponzu sauce is a Japanese citrus sauce, containing orange juice, soy sauce, dried bonito flakes, dried kelp and lemon. You can try out different varieties or cook it by home by clicking on this recipe. This is a perfect option for people who require a gluten-free dish.

As a #prawn lover, I also ordered prawn dumplings dipped in #soy sauce and pumpkin seeds and enjoyed each morsel as it lasted.

But the icing on the cake was the dessert I called for. As a personal recommendation from the chef, I ordered #frozen #berries with melted white chocolate and I cannot express it in words how delicious it was. Take a look at the video below and try it out at home if you wish to: